How to Keep Your Dog Entertained: Tips for Fun and Engaging Playtime

Dogs love to run and roam around whenever there is an opportunity. Maintaining the health and happiness of your dog means keeping them active constantly. However, taking them out to play or entertaining them is not always a complete success.

If you are stuck in such situations and wondering how to keep your dogs encouraged and entertained, especially when you must stay indoors, you have come to the right place. Further, get excellent quality toys for them as starters like the ones offered by, as having the best dog toys certainly makes a massive difference to their daily activities.

Now, time to get some simple tips and tricks for keeping your pet entertained and active.

Why Should You Keep Your Dog Active?


All work and no play make your dog dull and lazy. Not that your dog is doing work all the time, but you get the point. Dogs need to be active to avoid getting lazy over time, and if you don’t interact with them for fun times, things could go beyond limits.

They will start coming up with their own activities, like chewing shoes or becoming moody and barking all the time. Therefore, always include a little fun time daily, even if you are indoors. Playtime is crucial for your pets, and the number of times they do it also increases the quality of their life.

Simple Tips For Fun And Encouraging Playtime For Your Dog

Both physical and mental stimulation is essential for dogs to stay fit and healthy.

Always ensure your dog gets plenty of stimulation and motivation whenever possible by doing simple tips to keep them busy and active. Following are some ways through which you can accomplish this:

Give Short Training Daily

Regular interactive sessions can be beneficial for gaining mental stimulation in dogs. If not new things, old commands, or training habits can be tried again, and make them do it with you. Indulge obedience and proper behavior to their mind and maintain this interaction for at least 10 minutes every day.

Let them eventually understand and take in all the commands and habits you taught so that they can remember them and use them to inculcate good behavior. These training sessions are a great way to communicate and interact with them and can be followed by being inside the house. It is a small activity that can benefit your dog’s development in many ways.

Teach A New Exciting Trick


Training and teaching them a new trick are classic methods and nothing new. Everyone knows and follows these tips constantly, which is why they are on this list. Whether it is shaking a paw or asking them to pick up their toys, these tricks help them to constantly do an activity and progress in learning something new.

Like learning new things keeps the human brain active, dogs can learn these tricks and follow them later as a small activity. You can even scatter all the toys and ask them to pick and keep them where they belong or catch a ball.

Provide Food In A Puzzle Bowl

Not only a puzzle bowl, including any puzzle game, is an excellent way to have mental stimulation. For example, food dispensing games help the dogs slowly eat the treats by solving a puzzle. In this way, chances of getting bloated and risks of obesity and indigestion can also be eliminated.

This is a convenient way to give your dog many brain exercises. Getting the thought of food will excite your pets; therefore, doing the puzzle will be unavoidable for them to follow to get the whole food. Try this by getting a puzzle bowl with great features and high-quality materials that are safe and secure for your dogs.

Try New Toys And Swap Them Whenever Possible


If you are someone who spoils their dog with lots of toys, then this is just the tip for you. Having more toys is excellent, but try to rotate them frequently and present them with new ones. This will help them change the same routine, and getting to know a new toy is an excellent way of getting some stimulation.

You can also teach them the name of each toy. This might sound silly, but it is a fun little time for yourself and your dog. Let them understand the name and purpose of each toy with a new toy to play with every so often.

Play Exciting c

Playing games is prominent when you have dogs as pets. They love running and being excited often. Hide and seek is one of the fun games that are exciting and encouraging for your pets. Try this, especially if you have kids at home, as it will be more fun for both the kids and the dog.

You can also play tug of war, another game full of fun and activity. Throwing and fetching balls are also fantastic little games to keep your dog active and motivated throughout the day. In this way, your dog will be inspired to run more than be lazy and sleep in a corner.

Activities To Understand Various Scents

Dogs are always keen to understand and find things using scents and smells. They love exploring new items daily, so include activities to help them know and pick up scents of various things. You can do this by grabbing some snacks and holding them inside one of your hands.

This is a simple but effective trick and a great way to include scent work in your dog’s training routine. You can also hide various items in the house or outside the backyard and ask your dog to go and find them by using the smell.



In conclusion, your dog needs constant activities to be busy and motivated. An active lifestyle is vital to being healthy. Thus, you must ensure that your pet is getting enough exercise and physical and mental stimulation. You can quickly achieve this with a few simple steps and make a happy and engaging routine for your dog.