Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: The Benefits of Obedience Training

Having a dog is a great thing. It’s a duty, but also a thing you love. They’re great companions. Dogs are easy to love. But, you can’t have them spoiled. A spoiled dog can have your life standard lowered, your things damaged, and your time often ruined. The only dog you need is good. A good boy is what makes your day brighten up. Yes, you can spoil your pet to oblivion, but some rules need to be honored. A democracy of men and dogs if you like.

It is never too late to have your loved pet disciplined the right way. Some would argue that you can’t teach old horses and dogs anything. But, some tricks even the oldest of pets can handle. They should at least attempt it. You need to give this idea a thought.  Every owner needs to take their pet through a simple but effective dog obedience training, and if you can’t do it on your, or at places such as gooddogstrainingcamp.com can be the solution you’ve been looking for. We’re trying to set you on the right path here, but are you getting the message though?

What we’re suggesting is that you put your favorite dog through some obedience training. Many owners believe that their dogs either don’t need it or that it’s too harsh for their loved ones. While that might be true to an extent you need to think about a different approach. Obviously, we need to convince you, and that’s precisely what we’re going to do. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of obedience training for animals such as dogs. Check them out, and change your opinion. That’s what’ll happen. We’re positive.


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You can never be too close to a dog. Creating an everlasting bond with your best friend is what everyone wants. But, you’re not even aware of how deep this bond can be. Try obedience training. Once you’re done with a few lessons you’ll notice just how closer the two of you have become. This type of training can do wonders for your pet. First of all, they’ll be happier. That’s the first thing. In addition to happiness, they will become a better-trained version of themselves with high levels of obedience followed by relaxation and responsiveness. Just train them in obedience and experience new levels of your bond and be closer to your dog than ever.

Building up Confidence

Dogs are not so different from us. They need the confidence to go through their day and interact with humans and different  animals. With an adequate training, they will learn how to make better decisions, face their environment properly, and how to react the right way to traits and experiences they’re facing. All of this will build up their confidence to a new level. As a consequence, you will not only have a more obedient pet but a more confident one. It is going to be easy to have this confidence transferred to you.

More Control

Yes, spoiling your dog is the best feeling out there. But, going overboard with it has very few benefits. Obedience training on the other hand has many. One of the biggest ones is the control aspect. We’re not talking about total control. No, we’re talking about the basics. Every dog at least needs to learn about sit and stay, and stop and fetch.  These are the basics. You need to have this much control over your dog. If you’re not having it at the moment of reading this article you need to have obedience training sessions. It is never bad having control over your dog’s actions. You’ll feel safer when you know they’ll listen to you, and they’ll enjoy interacting with you, especially if there’s a trait waiting at the end of the training.


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Dogs can be restless. On their day they’re energized, full of strength, and able to run all day long. When you combine these things and a closed space they can be a safety hazard. A dog in this mood running all over the house can damage things. Also, they can be a menace in open spaces, in parks, or on the street. Safety is vital when it comes to dogs. You need to feel safe around your dog, your assets need to feel safe (as if they could feel), and other people need that too. You can’t underestimate the need for safety around a dog regardless of its size. With proper obedience training, you can have this without too many issues.


Dogs love to interact. They do it with humans, other dogs and animals, and even objects. But, animals that are not familiar with social norms can be a menace to society. Socialization is great for dogs. If you missed this step with them, you can retrace some of the steps with some obedience training. Just give it a try. It will get your dog socialized. It doesn’t matter if you try it on your own or if you hire professionals to do it. What matters is the effect it will have on your dog. The best route would be to have the work done by professionals. This way your dog will interact with more people and more animals. It will aid them in the socialization process and it will be of great help to you in the future.

Eliminating Bad Traits

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No! My dog has no bad traits or God forbid habits! He’s a good boy. We have heard these sentences so many times. Yes, all dogs are good boys. But, they can have their flaws. It’s just natural. You can’t escape your loved pet from developing some bad habits or having bad traits. What you need to do is to accept this, and understand that it can be rectified. Many dogs have behavioral issues. It goes with their kind. That’s fine as long as you’re working on fixing those unpleasant and unwanted behaviors. All that it takes is some work and enough effort put forward. With obedience training, you can have both.