Border Collie German Shepherd Mix: Complete Guide Breed

The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is a very energized as well as intelligent designer canine type developed from two of the most effective herding pet breeds on the planet.

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

They are exceptionally faithful and also would certainly be optimal working dogs be it in herding, guarding or authorities work. They likewise make a charming companion for a person that can provide the quantity of mental as well as physical stimulation they require.

Adoringly named Shollies, these canines are a lot of jobs yet entirely worth it.

In this write-up, we’ll speak about look, character, care, and also much more.

What is a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix?

The Border Collie German Shepherd mix is a cross in between two of the globe’s finest herding dog breeds.

To produce this crossbreed, the moms and dads must be one purebred Border Collie and one full-blooded German Shepherd. Both of these breeds are accredited by the American Kennel Club so breeders need to have the ability to offer paperwork for both parents.

The Border Collie German Shepherd canine is a crossbreed so is not certified by the AKC.

Nevertheless, they are accredited by the Dog Registry of America and also the American Canine Hybrid Club.

This energized, smart, loving breed is coming to be very popular with people who want a strong functioning pet or a faithful companion.

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Appearance

The Border Collie German Shepherd mix is a large-sized pet weighing up to 80 pounds in weight.

As they are a crossbreed, the characteristics they inherit from each parent will be various in each pup.

The overall look of this type tends to lean even more towards the German Shepherd moms and dad. With their muscle large bodies, they are usually mistaken for purebred German Shepherds. Their drooping ears and also Collie tail will certainly give them away as crossbreeds.

Although a Shepherd is their most common appearance, each pup will undoubtedly be different in appearance.

No matter just how they look, these pets will have strong muscles as well as high degrees of endurance, terrific for herding cattle.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Height and Weight

This type often tends to lean in the direction of the German Shepherd parent so they’re most likely to be a large-sized pet dog. Fully expanded, they need to be around 21 to 27 inches tall as well as evaluate around 70 to 80 lbs. If they lean extra towards the Collie parent, they may be shorter as well as consider much less as Collies usually just consider around 40 lbs.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Colors

Their layer will possibly be a solid tan shade with black patching as well as factors. If they inherit their Collie parent’s layer, the pup could be any mixture of over ten different colors consisting of white, black, blue merle, red, and sable.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Coat

They will have a direct, dense, medium-length coat, as both parents do. If they take after their German Shepherd parent, it will certainly be a double coat. This means that it will certainly be visibly thicker especially in the winter season. If they are a functioning dog, this dual-layer will be fantastic for operating in winter.

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Temperament

Being a hybrid, the Border Collie German Shepherd will show a personality and personality which is a mix of their pure-blooded parents. The best way to make an enlightened guess concerning their personality is to look at their parent types.

German Shepherd Temperament

The German Shepherd was initially reproduced as a herding pet dog. Highly energetic and very smart, these dogs are very anxious to find out. This is the reason they’ve been gotten in the K-9 corps as an authorities pet dog.

Regardless of this, German Shepherds are not naturally aggressive and are really caring pet dogs that are loyal to their families.

It holds true that this loyalty can result in them being safety and so they will frequently bark at anything strange in their area.

Border Collie Temperament

A Collie was additionally bred as a herding pet dog and is just one of the most common canines made use of by farmers in the United Kingdom to handle their flocks as well as herds.

Like GSDs, Collies are additionally energetic as well as really smart; ranked number one throughout all canine types.

The disadvantage is that they constantly need something to do or else they obtain tired really swiftly. They are extra spirited than the German Shepherd but may have extra concerns with splitting up stress and anxiety.

What Does This Mean For The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix?

With both these types in mind, we can most definitely state that this hybrid is well above average in energy as well as knowledge. They make amazing functioning dogs as this gives them a task to do and also plenty to keep their mind active.

They will certainly want to be with somebody the majority of the moment. Leaving an energetic as well as smart pet alone is a dish for damaging behavior such as eating on furnishings as well as barking.

If you do just want this canine as a companion animal, be gotten ready for lots of workouts, play, and also training sessions.

These canines can be safety so lots of socialization from an early age will help. Great deals of different people coming in as well as out of their area are really crucial. This will reduce the probability of them becoming defensive to new people.

If they are the only canine in your home, be sure to socialize them with great deals of various other canines to stop safeguarding actions over you and your family members.

If you are thinking about purchasing this breed as a watchdog, we would advise an expert training course so you do not accidentally educate them to be people hostile.

Both parent breeds fit around various other pets, particularly livestock or cats. They can live gladly with various other canines and also having a doggy good friend may assist maintain them amused.

Is a Border Collie Shepherd Mix a Good Family Dog?

This mix is a fantastic household dog as long as it was socialized with its household from a young age as well as not left alone with young kids. All relatives need to be consistent with training to prevent the pet dog from receiving mixed messages and also weakening the effect of training. Just like all pet dogs, it would certainly be risky to leave kids alone with them.

How to Train a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

The very best form of training for any kind of canine is positive support and rep. This is especially real for this crossbreed as they do not react well to adverse support and also it isn’t an efficient training strategy.

This breed is usually a food-focused pet that makes it very easy to educate with deals with. Some blends might also reply to toy-focused training which would be fantastic if your dog is mosting likely to be a functioning canine and even learn agility or obedience.

They will certainly require a great deal of socializing with people to lower any kind of safeguarding behaviors and also aloofness.

Normally, this type is not a hostile type but it is constantly good to interact socially with a pup with various other young puppies to instruct them canine good manners.

The Border Collie Shepherd Mix ought to be easy and also satisfying to educate due to the fact that they are so smart.

Your mix will need consistent as well as constant psychological stimulation:

  • If they are a functioning pet dog, this should not be a problem as they will have a job to do as well as lots of training to keep them occupied.
  • If they are a friend pet, you need to absolutely check out interactive feeders, plenty of playthings for chewing as well as various other video games.

For video games which will boost your mix, bring will be an important one. This will burn great deals of power as well as will not be as laborious as an hr stroll for you.

Caring for a German Shepherd Collie Mix

This herding mix calls for lots of treatment and also attention. They require exercising for at the very least two hours a day, time in the garden, play, and other types of mental stimulation. If they are a working pet dog they may obtain a lot of this on duty yet as a companion pet, they will certainly need this offered in various other types.

Brushing should be finished a minimum of 2 times a week; particularly if they have a dual coat from their Shepherd moms and dad.

They must also have all the regular care that a pet calls for:

  • Ears cleaned
  • Claws cut
  • Treatment for fleas and worms
  • Checked for ticks (particularly if they are out in areas or lengthy lawn often).

A person best fit to having this breed is either in your home a lot of the day or works with this pet.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Exercise Requirements

You will certainly require to be fit as well as energetic to stay up to date with a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix!

These mixed breed canines are a very high power hybrid. This means a fenced backyard is a need to so they can head out when they please and sweat off some energy. These pets are not suited to living in apartments or condos or houses without yards.

If they are functioning as a rounding up pet, they will be able to escape a lot of that energy doing their job. If they are an attack dog or buddy animal, they will certainly need to be outdoors exercising for at the very least 2 hrs a day.

You must walk your canine a minimum of twice a day for a minimum of one hr each time. These pet dogs are excellent off-chain as they are very intelligent and also must grasp recall quite rapidly. It means they can run off heavy steam while running circle you.

Even if they are a herding dog, it’s constantly good to take them on walks when they’re not working as it allows them to relax as opposed to being frequently alert.

Agility classes are also a superb way of burning off heavy steam and superb as a kind of psychological excitement, specifically for this breed as they have an excellent physique for dexterity jobs.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Grooming and Shedding

If your pet dog does have a dual-layer, you can expect seasonal dropping. This is where they shed loads of fur two times a year in the Spring and also Fall to make room for the new coat growth.

Even if the layer is not double, these canines will certainly still drop quite a bit throughout the year therefore will require cleaning a minimum of twice a week.

With great deals of treats as well as positive reinforcement, brushing needs to be a good bonding time for you and your puppy.

You must take your dog to be skillfully brushed a few times a year, particularly around the shedding period if they have that double coat. This will assist stop matting and also maintain their layer super healthy.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Feeding and Diet

The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix, when completely grown, ought to be fed one and a fifty percent cups of good quality dry food twice a day. This can likewise have actually damp food mixed in with it.

High quality of completely dry food will certainly have an extremely high percentage of healthy protein. This is since dogs call for at the very least 25% of their diet to be protein. Things to stay clear of in completely dry pet food are any kind of sort of food dye, provided fats, and also corn or wheat gluten.

Individuals with functioning pet dogs commonly swear by a raw food diet. This is where the diet regimen is composed of unrefined meats, bones, vegetables and fruit, some dairy, and eggs.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Understood Health Problems

All pets are prone to particular health and wellness conditions and also age-related problems.

Being crossbreeds, the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is much less likely to create hereditary conditions that its purebred moms and dads are, however, there are still some problems you must look out for.

Hip dysplasia is the large one as this is very usual in both German Shepherds and Border Collies. Concerns with eyes as well as ears are also usual so make sure you see a full checkup of your puppy’s moms and dads prior to you part with your money. Regular cleansing of the ears ought to minimize the chances of ear infections.

How Long Do Border Collie German Shepherd Mixes Live?

These dogs are expected to live for between 13 to 15 years although some have actually measured up to 17 years of age.

How To Buy This Hybrid Dog

When purchasing any kind of puppy, one of the most vital points you can do is try to find a trusted breeder. This will enhance your possibilities of getting a pup with good health. At the same time, you’re additionally doing your bit to prevent poor reproduction as well as puppy mills.

You must have the ability to interact with both the young puppy’s moms and dads or at least the dam (i.e. mommy).

As both moms and dads must be full-blooded pets, you can request for AKC certification. Ask to see health checks of the parents also, consisting of eye checks and hip scores.

Inspect the pups are up today with vaccinations, worming as well as flea treatment.

A breeder must not be desperate to market young puppies since they should intend to ensure they are going to the appropriate residences. They must ask you great deals of concerns and might need photos of your home atmosphere. Be sure to ask great deals of questions back.

If you do desire a working canine, most likely to a dog breeder that utilizes functioning pet moms and dads. This will certainly indicate they are reproducing for the type of personality needed for working canines and not for companion animals.

How Much Does A Border Collie Shepherd Cost?

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Puppies will certainly set you back around $450 to $950 USD.

This is less than the price of either of their purebred parents. Make sure not to be drawn to costs much less than these for puppies as you may end up supporting poor reproducing techniques or puppy mills.

Where did the German Shepherd Border Collie mix originate from?
Below’s a brief background of the Shepherd Border Collie mix’s parent breeds.

Similar to Shollies, the Border Collie’s true beginnings are unknown. But it’s assumed that they initially entered prestige in Scotland. There, early Collies were bred to do much the same point that they do today. Herd and safeguard animals.

Sheepdogs such as the Border Collie have remained in existence for centuries. Although the American Kennel Club (AKC) didn’t officially recognize the type until 1995.

Modern Border Collies are still superb functioning pet dogs, especially on cattle ranches. Yet you’ll also discover them in the pet dog agility ring or as beloved household pet dogs.

Another rounding up breed, the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) was reproduced in Europe. Formed to produce the best herding or guide canine. In an environment where functioning outside often indicated taking on winter as well as damp conditions, the Shepherd dog had to be tough.

The GSD ultimately became a refined herding type known for its stamina as well as job values. The AKC formally acknowledged the type in 1908.

Later on, Shepherds became associated with the army, authorities, and also solution jobs. All markets in which you can find them working in today.

Boundary Collie German Shepherd blends are a result of going across a purebred GSD with a purebred Border Collie.

Should I Buy A Border Collie German Shepherd Mix?

There are a lot of factors to think about when determining whether to bring a Shollie puppy right into your house. Does that mean that Shollies shouldn’t be kept as household canines?


If you obtain a Shollie young puppy, their naturally intelligent as well as highly trainable nature means that you can mingle it with various other animals and also people.

You can likewise deal with it on obedience to make sure that its “protecting” propensity is reduced by the time it maturates.

Make sure you fulfill both moms and dads as well as enjoy their temperaments and health examinations accomplished by the breeder. Socialize your pup thoroughly and also you could end up with a fantastic friend for several years to find.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Characteristics
Size:21 to 27 inches tall
Lifespan:13-15 Years
Coat:Medium length, straight, dense, could be double coat if inherited from German Shepherd parent
Color:Most likely tan with black points
Do They Shed:Yes, especially if they have the double coat
Temperament:Highly energetic, loyal, loving but can get bored easily
Intelligence:Very intelligent and highly trainable
Socialization:Needs lots of socialization with people and will enjoy socialization with other dogs
Destructive Behavior:Prone to chewing and excessive barking if left alone with nothing to do
People Skills:Great with people but can be protective of family
Good with Children:Good with children but should never be left alone with young children
Activity Levels:High activity levels, minimum of 2 hours of exercise per day


The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is the finest match for somebody that is healthy and active so they have the ability to give the high levels of workout and also excitement that this dog needs.

It would be great either to have an owner that is home the majority of the day or that functions the pet. A fenced backyard is a must for this breed. They would certainly make an outstanding working pet dog.

They are lively, loving as well as loyal canines that will constantly want to be with you. They will certainly require great deals of time devoted to walks, play, fetch, and also other types of exercise.

Maintaining them promoted psychologically will be a lot of work, however a lot of fun also. Dexterity courses as well as educating them to do tricks will be a terrific way of bonding with your dog.

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