German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

A German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix pet has one German Shepherd dog parent, and also one Australian Cattle Pet dog moms and dad.

These are both happy and also achieved functioning pet dogs, as well as their spawn, have sensibly predictable personalities.

But it takes a great deal of prep work to find and also educate one!

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The Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

There are numerous lovable canine types to choose from, it can feel overwhelming! If you’re taking into consideration a breed like the Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix, you’re probably trying to find even more info regarding the breed.

How healthy is the German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix? For how long do they live? Exactly how are they with children? We will certainly address all these concerns, and much more, in the in-depth guide listed below.

Where Does the Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Come From?

This is a reasonably brand-new crossbreed, with a minimal background. Nonetheless, we can aim to the parent breeds to read more concerning these pet dogs.

Both the German Shepherd as well as heaven Heeler share a similar background. Both were bred to be herding canines, primarily to be made use of on cattle ranches.

In the late 1800s, a German called Captain Max von Stephanitz reproduced the original German Shepherd to be the most effective herding dog Germany had actually ever seen. He then invested the following 35 years refining the breed, while promoting it and also forming the first German Shepherd club in existence.

As industrial husbandry took over, as well as the need for herding dogs decreased, the German Shepherd preserved its role as a functioning pet dog. It swiftly became a top selection for law enforcement agencies, who valued the breed’s intense loyalty, knowledge, and also dexterity.

The Blue Heeler was additionally reproduced to herd cattle, but this time in Australia. It is really formally known as the Australian Cattle Dog. “Blue Heeler” is simply a nickname that the type has developed.

Heaven Heeler was established with a complex mix of breeds consisting of Collie, Dalmatian, Black, and Tan Kelpie, and also a feral breed referred to as the Dingo.

So, both moms and dad breeds have a certain history as herding dogs, as well as both still like to have a job to do to this particular day. Heaven Heeler German Shepherd mix is relatively brand-new, and also we don’t have an exact origin story for the crossbreed. It’s not a mix you see every day, yet it is most definitely getting popularity.

Fun Facts About the Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

The german shepherd and blue heeler mix, in particular, have some significant background, making several looks in films and also other pop culture developments.

Perhaps one of the most renowned GSD is Rin Tin Tin, a male German Shepherd who was saved from a WWI battle zone by an American soldier. The soldier went on to train Rin Tin Tin, leading to the snappy puppy starring in over 25 Hollywood films!

It is claimed that at one factor in his profession, Rin Tin obtained over 10,000 fan letters each and every week! He was a real Hollywood Elite, and also absolutely a legendary German Shepherd pet.

Heaven Heeler, on the other hand, has some decidedly much more wild ancestors. Did you understand that the Australian Cattle Dog really has some Dingo blood?

Dingoes are wild dogs that are native to Australia. They are quite a wild, complimentary breed that is seldom, if ever before, domesticated.

The dog breeders of the initial Australian Cattle Dogs integrated Dingoes right into the mix Some Blue Heelers still have a bit of that “wild” aim to them!blue heeler german shepherd mix.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Appearance

German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

Like any type of mixed breed, heaven Heeler German Shepherd mix can take on more attributes from either mom’s and dad’s breed. Therefore, you could end up with a mix that looks much more like a German Shepherd, or even more like a Blue Heeler– as well as anywhere in between!

There is always some irregularity with mixed-breed pet dogs similar to this, so keep that in mind. Keeping that said, we can take a look at the information of the moms and dad breeds to obtain a great suggestion of the basic look and also size that a German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix might take on.

The German Shepherd is a big canine, evaluating between 50 as well as 90 lbs and gauging 22-26 inches tall. The Blue Heeler is short and also stocky as well as typically smaller, at 35-50 extra pounds as well as a common 17-20 inches tall.

Thus, you can expect your Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix to be someplace in the middle– around 40-80 extra pounds, as well as 19-25 inches high. Once more, this differs from canine to dog as well as is tough to predict!

As for their layers, both parent types have thick double layers to safeguard them from the components. The GSD’s is a medium size, while the ACD’s is normally brief.

Both dogs often tend to drop a great deal, particularly in the spring as they plan for the warmer months.

Layer color is likewise hard to predict. The multicolor appearance of heaven Heeler does generally come through at least rather– and also a wide variety of layer colors are possible. One of the most typical is brown/tan, black, and grey tones.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Temperament

To obtain a suggestion of this type’s temperament, we can look to the parent breeds.

The german shepherd blue heeler mix puppy has a confident, smart, and brave personality. On the other hand, heaven Heeler has an alert, curious, and watchful personality. Both are exceptionally faithful and protective.

These tendencies can be both positives and also downsides at the same time. For instance, the mix’s tendency to safeguard and also safeguard their family makes them terrific guard dogs, however can also make them really distrustful of (or perhaps aggressive in the direction of) strangers.

Their intelligence and self-confidence makes them able to accomplish amazing feats, but can also make them persistent as well as tough to train. In other words, this mix needs an experienced owner.

If not appropriately trained and also socialized, this breed can be aggressive and is prone to protecting propensities. Early and also constant socializing is extremely essential!

One requirement just to look at the objective these canines were bred for, as well as what they are made use of for today. Both breeds are rounding up pet dogs for huge animals, developed to both herd and shield big teams of large animals. They are outstanding at what they do, however, these impulses can make them difficult to keep in domestic scenarios.

If you have youngsters, you’ll require to supervise your pet dog whenever they are around your kid. German Shepherds have a more than average likelihood of bitting children, as well as Blue Heelers have strong rounding up instincts that can lead them to nip at running children.

This mix can produce a fantastic buddy for the right people. This is a reckless type that requires a positive, seasoned owner who agrees to work hard at training their pet dog.

Training Your Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

The Blue Heeler GSD mix is an extremely intelligent dog that can be educated to do nearly anything. With that said stated, they are certainly not the most convenient breed to train.

Training needs to begin early, and also be conducted typically. Positive reinforcement training is one of the most efficient means to educate your pet.

Socialization is likewise important– both with various other canines, various other pets and with human beings. This mix is not normally outgoing. So, socializing is a lot more important than it is with lots of breeds.

Preferably your pup should be educated and also socialized from a young age, for the finest results.

This is likewise a rather high-energy breed that will require plenty of exercises. Go for a minimum of 2 long strolls each day, as well as ideally mix in some higher-intensity workout like running or trekking.

You ought to also look for to offer your pet psychological stimulation by giving them tough tasks. The Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix loves to work to do!

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Health

This mix is generally rather healthy and balanced, with an expected life-span of 11-14 years. Although, like any breed, some health and wellness concerns are feasible.

The German Shepherd brings with it a high likelihood of back issues due to the intense slope of their back. You can visually see this in lots of GSDs.

Hip as well as joint dysplasia is also common in both breeds, as are particular eye problems and allergies.

A few of these problems can be tested for, and also some can not. To maximize your possibilities of obtaining a healthy puppy, try to source your pet dog from a reputable dog breeder, or take on an adult pet.

In terms of pet grooming, this mix will need constant brushing and persistence when it comes to losing! The German Shepherd is a respected shedder, specifically in the springtime period.

Past that, regular pet grooming as well as treatment routines are conventional. This mix is likely a medium-maintenance type.

Do Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mixes Make Good Family Dogs?

This type can produce a good family pet dog, for the appropriate scenario.

While they are typically okay around youngsters, they must constantly be overseen. Heaven Heeler’s tendency to herd can bring about them nipping kids as they run, and also the GSD’s aggression can possibly cause problems.

That claimed this mix can additionally create a caring, and very loyal, buddy dog. When press pertains to shove, they will not hesitate to shield their family, making them superb watch pets.

For experienced proprietors, this breed can create a good family pet. German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix.

Rescuing a Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Many individuals looking forward to owning a pet dog like to take on than shop.

While adopting a shelter canine is a worthy act, it’s crucial to be conscious that you don’t actually recognize the background of the canine you are embracing.

Attempt to spend time with the canine in the shelter, and also expect signs of aggressiveness.

Finding a Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Puppy

It can be a bit challenging to locate Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix young puppies, simply since the type is not extremely typical.

You can browse Google for dog breeders in your location, or call neighborhood breed clubs for information.

We suggest preventing pulp mills as well as animal shops in all expenses!

Raising A Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Raising and also looking after a young puppy is a lot of work, however, it’s a fulfilling procedure! Be sure to comply with tips in our young puppy care overview for the best results.

Keep in mind, socializing is very important with this type! Make certain that your pet obtains lots of time with other animals, strangers as well as kids from a young age.

Pros and Cons of Getting A Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix


  • The type can show guarding and also aggressive tendencies otherwise appropriately educated and also socialized
  • They need to be supervised when around youngsters
  • Training can be difficult as they can come to be stubborn
  • Brushing requirements are rather high
  • Energy degrees are high


  • An extremely intelligent and dedicated type
  • Outstanding guard dogs
  • Friendly and also dedicated once they learn more about you
  • Up for anything– a great journey buddy!

Similar Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mixes and Breeds

There are lots of breeds to choose from! If you are seeking something similar to this breed, you could consider a various German Shepherd mix or a various Blue Heeler mix.

Or possibly you would certainly love a big functioning canine like the Russian Bear Dog!

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Rescues

We have not located a rescue or club-specific to this crossbreed, yet there is plenty for the parent breeds!

Blue Heelers/Australian Cattle Dogs

  • Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
  • Caroline ACD Rescue
  • Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue
  • Pacific Northwest Cattle Dog Rescue

German Shepherds

  • All Shepherd Rescue (Baltimore).
  • Shep Rescue (Los Angeles).
  • Shepherd Rescue (Virginia).
  • Bright Star GSD (New York).
  • South East German Shepherd Rescue (South Carolina, Virginia, and also Maryland).
  • UK German Shepherd Rescue (Lancashire, UK).
  • German Shepherd Rescue Elite (UK).
  • German Shepherd Rescue Scotland.
  • Wonderful Shepherd Rescue (Australia).
  • German Shepherd Rescue Victoria (Victoria, Australia).

Do you know of an additional rescue company? Allow us to recognize in the comments!

Is A Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Right For Me?

If you are a skilled dog proprietor ready to put in the moment and also initiative to look after and also train your dog after that heaven Heeler GSD mix can be an excellent pet for you!

If you have an active way of living, a lot of space in your home as well as experience in handling confident pet dog breeds, we can recommend this breed as a leading consideration.

What has your experience been with the German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix? Let us recognize in the remarks!

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