German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix: Shepnees Breed Info

Likewise referred to as the Shepnees or Germanies, the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix is an exceptional family buddy as well as a farm dog. Find out a lot more in the write-up listed below!

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Ever before wondered what it’s like to possess a German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies? These 2 large protective breeds are blended to create a similarly big careful puppy.

This mix is sweet, dedicated, intelligent, and also tough when called for to be. You may know him by another name, such as the Germans or the Sheppy, however, throughout this guide, we will utilize his most common label, the Sharpness.

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees MIX Puppies

The Sharpness is a large breed that is defensive of his family as well as home. They will need a company proprietor, with strong assistance and also training as a puppy. He needs around 60 minutes of exercise each day. The Shepnees needs to be placed with a family that has a big house and also accessibility to a large and reinforced, yard.

Those are a few of the non-negotiables when it concerns the Germanies. There’s quite a bit extra that you need to learn more about this popular Great Pyrenees mix if you are considering welcoming him right into your residence.

We have actually assembled everything you require to know in this detailed overview concerning your future Shepnees household enhancement. Let’s dive in and see if this mix is the ideal puppy for your family members!

Parent Breeds

The only way to comprehend the Shepnees is to find out about both of his moms and dads. Below you’ll find a photo of their history, breed purpose, and main qualities.

Due to the fact that this type is a larger type as well as can have some persistent propensities, it is very important to understand the temperaments of each mom and dad’s breed. Allow’s take a look at both.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the most identified authorities as well as security solution pet dogs worldwide. They are rated by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the 2nd most popular pet breed in America. He was when a traditional rounding up canine reproduced in Germany.

Yet soon, people concerned realize that his utmost loyalty and also adoration of his master, intelligence, tenacity, strength as well as courageousness, suggested that he was wonderful at safeguarding us people.

So whether you employ a German Shepherd as a defense canine or otherwise you can still anticipate these attributes from him. He considers between 50 and 90 pounds, and also measures between 22 to 26 inches tall, from paw to shoulder.

German Shepherds are typically average to large-sized pet dogs. Shepherd are loved by numerous households across the globe, as well as is a common mom and dad type to numerous blends.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees parent

The Great Pyrenees is not as widely known as the German Shepherd. The breed is presently ranked as the 66th most preferred pet dog breed in America in 2023. He is, nevertheless, just as vigilant in safeguarding his family home.

Being a gigantic pet that was initially reproduced in Europe to scare as well as fight sheep-stealing wolves, he would absolutely prevent burglars. When not in action he has an extremely calm demeanor in the family residence. The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix is frequently called a pleasant and gentle giant.

This German Shepherd Great Pyrenees MIX Puppies type of procedures between 25 as well as 32 inches in elevation and evaluate 85 extra pounds as well as over. It’s typical for them to exceed 150 extra pounds. His coat is one of the thickest and fluffiest in the canine kingdom.

Anticipate a lot of hair around the house, in addition to a bit of drool (but what is a little dog dribble in between buddies, right?). The Great Pyrenees has actually become usual to blend with other types to create designer canines like the Pyrador in recent years, due to his size as well as tranquil temperament.



This overview will certainly talk you with what you can anticipate from a common Shepnees, but being a mixed breed canine, especially a rare one such as this person that is most likely to be an initial generation pup, you need to expect that he can inherit characteristics from either moms and dad. Consequently, you require to enjoy both the German Shepherd as well as the Great Pyrenees.


The Shepnees will certainly be a bold canine who will secure his family members and estate in any way expenses. If you are trying to find a four-legged family members guard look no further than this devoted mix. As a pet proprietor, this characteristic includes responsibility.


You will require to guarantee that he is both interacted socially and educated well. The Shepnees will bark to allow you to recognize that there is someone about it. They will certainly also be suspicious of strangers, also when his master welcomes them into the household house, constantly watching on them.

When he is alone with his family and also doesn’t have any outsiders to fret about, he will certainly be a very caring canine with his instant family. He will either join you on the sofa (yes, this man will certainly consider himself as a lapdog) or remainder at your feet in front of the fire.

You can additionally make certain that he will certainly enjoy a tummy rub as well as snoozes also, appreciating the quieter life inside.

If he takes after his German Shepherd parent after that he might deal with separation stress and anxiety. if he takes after his Pyrenees parent then he may be a lot more independent and not fret in any way when you leave.

Either way, it is constantly an excellent suggestion to prepare for either eventuality and buy an XXL crate that he can call his own risk-free room, especially if there are little ones in the residence that he might need a long time out from.

Size & Appearance

Great Pyrenees parent

The Sharpness can resemble an equivalent split of both of his parents. They might also look much like one over the various other, or throughout between. Also, puppies within the very same clutter can look hugely various from one another. He will be muscular in stature as well as his tail will certainly be thick and lengthy. The Germans have a longer muzzle with the possibility for sagging dewlaps, and also his ears will be large.

He will likely measure anywhere between 24 and 30 inches high, from paw to shoulder, and evaluate upwards of 70 pounds. Considering his Pyrenees moms and dad can weigh in excess of 150 pounds, you need to prepare for a large pet dog that will require every little thing in giant size.

Coat & Colors

Shepnees Black and Tan Coat

His layer will certainly be influenced by his German parent’s coat. He might be short-haired or long-haired, but thanks to the Pyrenees layer you can be certain that it will not be very short.

As both of the Shepnees parents come from cool climates you can be certain that his double coat will certainly be thick and thick. He will drop reasonably throughout the year in addition to experiencing a complete blow out during dropping seasons. His layer might even be water/snow resistant if it takes after his Pyrenees moms and dad’s coat.

He can take the timeless black and corrosion shades of his German parent, or he can take the solid white or lotion shade of the Pyrenees moms and dad or a combination of both.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Shepnees Laying in Grass

The Shepnees will need between 45 and also 60 mins of exercise every day. While it does not have to be intense exercise, it’s vital that he gets it so to keep his intelligent mind inhabited, large body healthy and balanced, and also to avoid behavior issues.

It goes without saying that the Shepnees will require space to run. As well as lots of it! So, preferably, he needs to be placed with a family member that have a larger residence with lots of outside room. Both of his moms and dads enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, so you can be particular their mix will certainly not appreciate being caged throughout the day.

His outside space needs to be reinforced to make certain that he doesn’t escape. Not just is the safety of his estate and also safeguard it if he feels the demand to, but his Pyrenees parentage wanders the hilly wild of Europe. If he gets a preference for liberty he may never ever come back!

The Shepnees are fit to families with little ones. Just make sure never ever to leave him alone with them merely due to his large dimension and also the threats that can present. If socialized well as a pup he may be fit to homes with other family members pets. Nonetheless, as a result of his parentage, he might not! This is a large factor to consider if you are a multi-pet household.


Shepnees in Training

The Shepnees must interact socially from the earliest age feasible. If this isn’t done early, you run the risk that he might come to be also overprotective of his family and also estate. This can often lead to behavioral problems. Direct exposure to a selection of animals of all shapes and sizes is essential, as are introductions to unknown human beings, both inside and beyond the family residence.

Thankfully, however, the Shepnees is a smart pet dog that ought to take to regular training quickly. Make certain to use the positive support training technique. This mix thrives on regular praise from his master.

Be mindful that his Pyrenees parent is an independent pet dog (read stubborn). This means training can be a little challenging for a novice pet proprietor. If you find that he is a little stubborn, take into consideration enlisting him into an obedience training class. With this mix, it’s extremely important to instill technique and also a sense of pack hierarchy right into attack dog from a very early age.


German Shepherd Pyrenees mix laying down

The Shepnees is a reasonably healthy and balanced pooch who will certainly take pleasure in a life expectancy of anywhere between 7 and 12 years. He might acquire the wellness worries of either moms and dad, below are the main ones to watch out for:

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia: This influences numerous canine types, both of his parents consisted of, and it is brought on by the uncommon development of the hip as well as elbow joints. With time this can lead to arthritis and paralysis.

Patella Luxation: This is where the kneecap is dislocated from its initial position from the upper leg bone and can trigger a lot of discomforts.

Bloat: This is a deadly problem whereby the stomach instantly twists. You can lower the possibilities of this happening by not feeding your pooch instantly before or after a workout, as well as by spreading dish times throughout the day.


Shepnees Waiting For Food

The Shepnees will eat between 3 to 3 1/2 cups of premium kibble on a daily basis. Since he is a huge breed, he must be fed a kibbe that is specially created for larger pet dogs, as this will deal with his distinct nutritional requirements. This is specifically essential throughout his developing puppy stage, as it will certainly control his fast bone development.

The Pyrenee’s genes could make him partial to harmful snacks, however, it is important to make certain that he does not come to be obese since this will certainly create unneeded pressure on his joints and also result in various other weight-related health and wellness issues. Head over to our nutritional overview for the Great Pyrenees or the German Shepherd, where you can locate suggestions on the most effective kibbles for this mix.


Shepnees needing groomed

Shepnees’s layer will be very thick and fluffy. If you do not like pet dog hair in your home then this beautiful child is not the breed for you. He will certainly require cleaning every day to make certain that his coat is healthy as well as entangle totally free. You’ll need to buy a pin brush and an undercoat desh edding device to manage it properly.

He is a reasonably clean type who will only require a bathroom when every 2 to 3 months or two, and be sure to have a look at the very best hair shampoos for hefty shedders, of which the Shepnees is for certain. His huge ears will certainly require monitoring and cleaning up several times a week to stay clear of bacterial infections also.


Shepnees puppy

The Shepnees Puppy typically starts around $1,000 and up.
The starting rate of a Shepnees puppy from a trustworthy breeder is around $1,000. Designer canine breeders that focus on only breeding the Shepnees can bill a lot more than that. It’s not uncommon seeing developer pet breeders butting in extra of $3,500 for among these puppies depending upon the parent type.

As Family Pets

  • The Shepnees mix is a safety mixed breed.
  • It will protect it’s family as well as estate if endangered.
  • They are cautious with complete strangers as well as protective of the household.
  • Obedience as well as socializing early are essential for this type.
  • He will succeed with younger youngsters when supervised.
  • They are fantastic with other family pets if socialized early in life.
  • The dual-layer will call for desh edding frequently.
  • The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix needs 1 hour of exercise daily.
  • He needs to be placed into a big house with access to plenty of outside areas.

Finding a Shepnees Breeder

The Sharpness is a brand-new and also relatively unusual developer pet. Thus, you can expect to take a trip to locate a trusted dog breeder who will just breed healthy and balanced puppies. Make sure to perform your own study into dog breeders, as well as do not collaborate with those that can not show you the puppies, the parents, or their health certificates.

Rescue & Shelters

For your best opportunity of finding a Shepnees in a rescue facility, you should focus your initiatives on committed breed rescue centers. The American German Shepherd Rescue Association list approved centers state by state together with getting in touch with details, as does the Great Pyrenees Rescue Club of America.

Final Thoughts

The Sharpness is a huge canine who will certainly need strong love, a great deal of area, and also ensured workout on a daily basis. Without it, he may develop behavior issues and come to be overprotective.

If you believe that you can supply him all that he requires then you could have just found yourself an outstanding designer dog. This mix can supply you the security you and your household requirement, in addition to the canine love and also adoration that most of us love.

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