Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie

Australian Shepherd and Border Collies are 2 rather prominent as well as cute breeds. However, how much do you find out about these canines? Are you aware of simply exactly how similar they can be? Or, what distinctions lie in between these types?

If you are eager to compare and also comparison Australian Shepherds and Boundary Collies, then keep an analysis. Right here, you can learn just how they pair up against one another:

The Origins and Classification

First, let’s have a look at the history of these 2 breeds.

Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie

Currently, the name “Australian Shepherd” is instead misleading. It is presumed that the earliest version of this type was brought to the USA by the Basque individuals from the Pyrenees of northeastern Spain/southwestern France. Thus, the type was practically developed in the Western United States.

So, exactly how did Australia discover its means right into the breed’s name? Most individuals assume that this pertains to the fact that lots of Australian guards in the United States used these canines. Australian Shepherds were bred to be animals herdsmen as well as farm workers.

There is a fair bit of supposition about exactly how Border Collies happened also. It is presumed that the pet dogs’ earliest forefathers were brought by the Romans when they invaded Britain. There, it is rather like that the pet dogs were crossbred with herding Spitz-type dogs of the Vikings who additionally invaded Britain.

The modern Boundary Collie is a product of shepherds who required pets for the pastoral lands in between the boundary of England and Scotland. For the lengthiest time, these canines were just referred to as collies or sheepdogs.

Both Australian Shepherds vs Boundary Collies, fall under the groups of herding pets. This, obviously, is because of their long history of rounding up livestock. Many of these pet dogs continue to maintain a number of this herding attitude.


Considering the similar beginning stories of these canines, it interests to see what preferred family pets they make. Currently, the Australian Shepherd slips by the Boundary Collie. According to the statistics, it is rated the 17th most prominent type.

Of course, the Border Collie is a rather prominent pooch too. It is the 35th most preferred breed. This inconsistency may have something to do with the reality that Border Collies are still mainly taken into consideration to be working pet dogs. Because of this, it isn’t uncommon to locate them participated in farms or various other areas where their all-natural abilities can be put to good use.

Physical Traits and Appearance

Now, let’s have a look at the similarities as well as differences in the physical appearance of these types.


The typical Border Collie man can be in between 19 to 22 inches, while the females might be in between 18 and also 21 inches. These pet dogs can consider anywhere from 30 to 55lbs.

The Australian Shepherd males are a bit bigger than Boundary Collies in terms of height. They can measure between 20 and also 23 inches. The ladies, on the other hand, resemble their Boundary Collie equivalents.

Australian Shepherd can surpass Border Collies by quite a bit, nevertheless. Men can evaluate in between 50 and 65lbs. Women are much heavier as well at around 40 to 55lbs.


Boundary Collies have an instead distinct wedge-shaped head. In lots of instances, the dogs’ heads will show up slightly smaller than that of their body. Australian Shepherds, however, have heads that are extra symmetrical with their bodies. They likewise tend to have actually bobbed heads.
Numerous Border Collies as well as Australian Shepherd have a white patch of fur down their face, dividing either side.


There can be a lot of variants when it concerns the layers of Boundary Collies. For something, they can be separated into two unique teams– those with a harsh coat and also those with a smooth coat. Pets with a rough coat often tend to have medium-length to long hair. Those with smooth layers have short hair. Both teams have dual coats.

As for the layer color, there is a stunning array to pick from. These consist of:

  • Brown
  • Red and also white
  • Red and blue merle
  • Tricolor

There is one commonness among Australian Shepherd and also Boundary Collie layers the double layers. Besides this, however, the texture and also length can be instead different. Australian Guards tend to have medium-length layers with a tool texture. It can be straight or wavy.

The marbled layers of these pet dogs are quite distinctive. These coats can be of the following shades:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Caramel

Eye Color

Remarkably sufficient, both these dogs are prone to heterochromia. This is where each eye is various from the other. This is particularly typical with the Australian Shepherd.

Boundary Collies are recognized for their eyes– or rather their gaze. This is since they have improved the art of staring livestock down and obtaining them to move in their picked instructions. Nonetheless, their eye color is something to look at as well.

They are primarily dark brown, yet they can be a lighter brownish as well, often heading towards amber or yellowish. A few of these pets may have blue eyes.

Many of the Australian Shepherd, however, end up with light blue eyes. Nonetheless, this breed is equally as likely to have brownish, hazel, brownish-yellow, or eco-friendly eyes.

Personality Traits

When it comes to individuality, these 2 types have a fair bit in common. This has most likely to do with the reality that they have actually been basically bred for the exact same purpose.

Boundary Collies are perhaps among the most intelligent pet breeds in the world. Don’t fret, though, because Australian Shepherds aren’t as well far behind in this regard. They are known for their knowledge too.

This implies that both of these breeds can be trained rather well. They are clever sufficient to learn and find out just how to do a wide array of jobs. This, nonetheless, can have a disadvantage. Do not be surprised if these pets started outthinking their owners!

So, just how are they with families?

Both types appreciate the firm of humans and also love having individuals around. It is an excellent concept to just obtain these pets if a minimum of someone is at the house throughout the day. Otherwise, they may simply begin to miss their humans.

While they are caring and dedicated to their human families, this warmth does not reach unfamiliar people. You will certainly locate that these pet dogs watch out for people that they don’t know. Boundary Collies might have a tendency towards shyness whereas the Australian Guard can come to be instead protective of their household.

In either case, socialization is of the utmost significance to eliminate these qualities at a young age.

Health and Genetic Illnesses

So, how do these pets get on health-wise? For the most part, they are pretty healthy and balanced. Nevertheless, they might be prone to certain congenital diseases. Both Australian Shepherds and also Border Collies might create a disorder called Collie Eye Abnormality.

Given that they are medium-sized dogs, hip dysplasia is a possibility also.
A few of the wellness issues to be aware of with Border Collies are:

  • Seizures
  • Modern retinal degeneration
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Lens luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • License ductus arteriosus

When It Comes To Australian Shepherds several of the issues you might experience:

  • Cataracts
  • Relentless pupillary membrane
  • Several Medication levels of sensitivity
  • Epilepsy
  • Colobomas

These dogs have a comparable life span. Australian Shepherd are expected to live to be around 12 to 15 years of age. Boundary Collies may live around 13 to 15 years.

Exercise Needs

Although these dogs may have been living with households for a long period of time, this hasn’t dulled their herding as well as functioning methods. As such, these dogs need an immense amount of workout. What’s more, a stroll a day will certainly refrain.

Boundary Collies and also Australian Shepherd need energetic exercise. They likewise require to keep their minds agile also. This is why they ought to be required to canine parks so that they can run off-leash. It is also a good concept to play fetch or Frisbee with them to make sure that they are maximizing their dexterity abilities.

Do not be stunned if also this isn’t sufficient of a workout for these breeds. In many circumstances, they have to be enrolled in agility or various training programs. They are happiest when they are constantly learning and finishing numerous jobs.

If these dogs don’t obtain the exercise that they need, you shouldn’t be shocked if they obtain burnt out. When monotony embeds in, it can end up being harmful or disagreeable.

Appropriate Living Spaces

As a result of their layers, these dogs may succeed in relatively amazing environments. They may not be as comfy in cozy weather conditions or where the climate is hot throughout the year.

These aren’t dogs that succeed in close and restricted spaces such as apartments. They require to be in larger houses, preferably with lots of lawn space. While they can be kept in cities, you require to make certain that you live within strolling distance of a pet park. In addition, their daily requirements need to be met too.

While these canines do love the outdoors, you can’t leave them outside on their own for extended periods. Boundary Collies can be Houdini, making sure that they will certainly attempt to leave your backyard at any type of possibility that they obtain.

Furthermore, both of these types love being with their humans. So, given the chance, they will certainly prefer to be inside where you are.


As mentioned, both these types have a double coat. They also have a shedding period yearly. Due to this, they do need to be brushed consistently. Border Collies, though, do need to be brushed a bit more frequently. You must clean them 3 to 4 times a week, with a pin brush.

Australian Shepherds don’t need almost as much maintenance. For the most part, cleaning them as soon as a week should assist to keep the loss controlled. It is an excellent suggestion to utilize a slicker brush for this objective.

Cleaning them aids to maintain them instead clean. So, you do not need to wash them frequently. Stick to the times when you discover that their layer is getting unclean. Because of this, you might just require to wash these breeds a number of times a year.


As specified before, both these types are smart as well as hence, trainable. Nevertheless, you should not expect their training to be easy. These canines can be rather single-minded in their initiatives. Therefore, it is important to start when they are young.

These canines aren’t matched for novice proprietors. It is an excellent suggestion to have previous training experience when taking care of them. This is since you require to take the lead and ensure they are following your commands.

Usually, however, most owners will certainly discover that it is less complicated to educate Australian Shepherds. This is one of the factors that tend to be the recommended animal. Nonetheless, with some extra aid, Boundary Collies can end up being instead open in the direction of training too.
Regardless of just how tricky the training can obtain, you ought to only ever make use of positive reinforcement. This will certainly help to impart excellent behaviors as well as do away with the negative ones while still preserving a good partnership with your canine.

Social Function

Did you know that both Australian Shepherd and also Boundary Collies can be educated as overview pets? Nevertheless, Boundary Collies do much better in this regard. In addition to having outstanding analytic abilities, they can be trained to follow orders a little far better. Australian Guards tend to follow their choices in specific conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding these breeds:

Which is Better Border Collie or Australian Shepherd?

One breed isn’t better than the other. If you value knowledge, the capability to do jobs, and also a working canine, after that a Border Collie is an excellent choice for you. However, these canines do often tend to be hard to keep in homes. Australian Shepherds, on the other hand, often tend to make better family pets.

Are Australian Shepherds and Border Collies Good Family Dogs?

Australian Shepherd does tend to be the recommended type here. This is because they don’t need virtually as much effort and time as Boundary Collies. Nevertheless, both these breeds are caring and faithful, making them fantastic for family members. They do better amongst older youngsters as they do tend to herd younger ones.

Do Border Collies and Australian Shepherds Bark a Lot?

On average, Australian Shepherd will certainly bark greater than Boundary Collies. They make outstanding watchdogs and will alert their proprietors of anything uncommon. While Boundary Collies aren’t virtually as singing, they will certainly raise the alarm system when needed.

Are Border Collies and Australian Shepherds Protective?

Both types aren’t also fond of strangers. With Australian Shepherd, this does manifest as protectiveness towards their human beings. So, they may be somewhat aggressive in the direction of unfamiliar people. Boundary Collies are more probable to be shy in the visibility of strangers.

So, these are the similarities as well as distinctions between the Australian Shepherd and Boundary Collie. As you can see, it is fairly intriguing to see what separates and also brings these types together.

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