Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd: Breed Comparison

Thinking about welcoming a Shepherd right into your residence, but aren’t certain which one to obtain? Many future Shepherd proprietors contrast the Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd when taking into consideration the right pet dog for their family. Numerous similar qualities unite the Dutch Shepherd and also the German Shepherd, however, fortunately, some distinctions divide them as well.

German Shepherd vs Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd

They are both Shepherds, as well as they both originate from Europe, and also simply by considering them, you can inform that they belong. Everybody knows that the German Shepherd is one of the most prominent breeds out of the two (unless you stay in the Netherlands, obviously), however, few people recognize the distinctions between them.

Before dedicating to either breed, it’s crucial to comprehend how they are similar, but how they are different. There are variances in pup expenses, personalities, as well as much more– every one of which might affect which type is a much better fit for your family. So, let’s reach it as well as assemble all the dog information.

Contrast the German Shepherd vs Dutch Shepherd. Use the device listed below to compare personality, dimension, character, upkeep requirements, as well as whatever else in between German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds.

Thinking of inviting a Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd into your house, but aren’t sure which one to select? Read on to learn even more concerning both breeds!

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd Breed Comparison Chart

Dutch Shepherd
German Shepherd
21.5 – 24.5 Inches (M & F)
22 – 26 inches (M & F)
40 – 75 pounds (M & F)
50 – 90 pounds (M & F)
Intelligent, Lively, Athletic
Confident, Courageous, Smart
Above Average
11-14 years
7-10 years

History Comparison

The history of a pet breed is incredibly essential in understanding what they resemble today. Many pet dogs are reproduced with a function in mind. And also it is this function that will certainly shape their personality and also physical attributes and needs greatly. Both the Dutch Shepherd as well as the German Shepherd have some differences in how the breeds came from, along with how they were reproduced over time. Let’s learn a little more about each type.

Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd hails from the Netherlands and came to be in the 19th century. Farmers watched for a flexible pet dog that could aid them with every little thing. From rounding up the cows to drawing greatly laden milk carts to the marketplaces. And maintaining the chickens from the veg patch and also looking after the kids during the night. This individual is a jack of all trades, and he did it all.

With the era of automation almost came the completion of the Dutch Shepherd, but thankfully, a few breed lovers conserved the day. Although he is still really unusual in America, he is prominent in Europe as a farmhand. Being so versatile, he is additionally discovered in the military, search and also rescue, and also as a support pet dog. He is so rare in America that he is still in the Foundation Stock Group with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

German Shepherd

German Shepherds originated in Germany, and are now one of the most preferred types across the globe. The German Shepherd type was developed at the turn of the 19th century. A German officer wished to develop the ultimate herding type, and he took the finest specimens from the various districts in Germany.

His owners quickly realized just how good he was, and also he is currently thought of as among the hardest operating all-around dogs. This person is additionally a jack of all professions.

According to the AKC, the German Shepherd is, in 2023, ranked as the second most prominent dog breed in America. As well as this is a comparable tale around the world. He initially concerned America at the turn of the 20th century.

He experienced slightly because of the disgust caused by the War Worlds and all points German, yet he swiftly recuperated after starring in a couple of Hollywood roles. Due to their popularity, German Shepherds have been embraced throughout the world as a faithful family member animal, as well as have actually ended up being the parents of several prominent crossbreeds.


German Shepherd as well as Dutch Shepherd Jumping a Log. The German Shepherd and Dutch Shepherd are very similar in appearance.
The Dutch Shepherd and also the German Shepherd are comparable in look to the untrained eye. Once you understand what the differences are, you can see the difference.

The German Shepherd is the largest of the two breeds. He is stockier and also squarer in his total appearance compared to his Dutch relative. Many describe the Dutch Shepherd as having a wedge-shaped head. Dutch Shepherds are usually mistaken for both the German Shepherd or the Belgian Malinois, as a result of their similar excellent appearances.

Their layer is their most substantial distinction. The Dutch Shepherd has the choice of 3 jackets, which is a short coat, a cable coat, and also a lengthy coat. The cord layer is curly and rough to the touch.

The Dutch Shepherd has the choice of one coat color, which is brindle, either with a gold or silver undertone. Type enthusiasts transformed the breed criterion so that he only had a brindle layer. Just so that he was clearly various from other Shepherds in Europe.

The German Shepherd has two alternatives, which is a brief layer and also a long coat. The German Shepherd has his typical black and tan colorings. With the option of solid color layers such as the White German Shepherd, Black German Shepherd, and even the Blue German Shepherd.


Both Shepherds have comparable temperaments. The Dutch Shepherd and also the German Shepherd are more comparable in their temperament than their look.

They are both original functioning pet dogs used on the farm as herders, estate protectors, as well as different other jobs. Their working histories suggest that they are both workaholics. And also they are much better with either a task to do or when they get lots of workouts.

The German Shepherd is much more safety of both, which is why he gained his great protecting online reputation a long period of time back. If you are after a protective pet dog, the German Shepherd is the best option for you. Fortunately, as they are both skeptical of strangers, they both make superb guard dogs and will let you know when there is someone untoward about.

German Shepherds have actually grabbed an unjustly aggressive reputation, yet this is mostly because of the large quantity of the number of German Shepherds possessed as household pets.

The German Shepherd is normally more protective than the Dutch Shepherd because of he bonds with one particular master greater than the Dutch. Nonetheless, they are both affectionate as well as loving with their family. The Dutch will share his cuddles with the entire household, whereas the German more than likely get his cuddles for his primary caretaker when they are there.

They are both superb with children, and as long as they interact socially well, they will both quadrate various other family member’s animals as well. Both breeds would certainly both like a bigger home and also access to a secure yard is a must. They will both go stir-crazy if they are caged in an apartment or condo for any length of time.


German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds have comparable workout requirements.

Their working power suggests that their family members need to be able to either work or exercise them. As well as without it, they will end up being extremely agitated and problematic. That does not bode well for either you or your furniture. So, if you aren’t an energetic family member, neither of these individuals is for you. They both require at least 60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.

Keeping that being claimed, there is one type that is much more energetic than the various other, which is the Dutch Shepherd. The Dutch Shepherd is bred much more as a functioning pet dog than a household friend.

Compared to the German Shepherd, that is currently reproduced to be a family friend equally as much. This implies that they are more familiar with calmer residence life, loosening up the afternoon away.

Therefore, many Dutch Shepherd proprietors think that the Dutch Shepherd has much more intense energy. The Dutch Shepherd requires to be worked harder for certain. Other than their appearance, this is a significant factor when choosing between both types.


Both the German Shepherd vs Dutch Shepherd will certainly require routine and extreme training. Both the Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd is really dedicated and also smart, suggesting they are reasonably simple to train. Yet, the German Shepherd is the much better option for those that have actually never ever had a pet prior to.

This is since the German Shepherd is so anxious to please his master, he will certainly constantly be ready to find out as well as follow your commands. And although he is intense, it makes your life much easier when it concerns training. Both pups are toy determined and can do well with dog toys created active or Shepherd breeds.

On the other hand, the Dutch Shepherd is more independent than the German Shepherd. This is due to the fact that in the past, his master expected him to herd the groups, companion them right into the fields in the morning, and back into their barns during the night.

All on his very own. This independent streak makes him a bit persistent, as well as he’ll have days where he has something much better to do.

Socialization is vital for both of these guys. Not only due to the fact that it is a necessary dog skill anyway, but likewise because they are naturally safe. And also it’s vital that they do not end up being also overprotective. They likewise both do well when their master makes use of the favorable reinforcement training technique.


Healthy And Balanced Shepherds Outdoors. The Dutch Shepherd is typically slightly much healthier than the German Shepherd.

The Dutch Shepherd is a much healthier type than the German Shepherd, which is clear from his long life expectancy. On average, the Dutch Shepherd delights in four years much longer than his German relative.

The Dutch and the German Shepherd are prone to hip and elbow joint dysplasia. If you are thinking of inviting either of these types, you require to obtain his parent’s hips ratings for sure. The long-haired Dutch is prone to thyroid conditions, and also the wire-haired Dutch is prone to angiodysplasia. Besides these concerns, there aren’t numerous various other usual problems.

Several German Shepherds have a sloping back, which has a destructive impact on his hips. This is a lot more common in the American lines of German Shepherds contrasted to the European lines. This is something to discuss with your breeder. He is also a lot more in jeopardy of degenerative myelopathy, which is a dynamic illness of the spine.

Although this is not a health problem, it deserves recognizing that the Dutch Shepherd is really conscious of anesthesia. He is an uncommon type, so when you see your veterinarian for surgical treatment, it’s worth reminding them of this.


Hungry Shepherds in Fields Both the German Shepherd and also the Dutch Shepherd have comparable nutrition requirements. Both the Dutch Shepherd as well as the German Shepherd are identical when it pertains to their nourishment.

They both need a high-grade guard formula kibble that will certainly maintain them sustained throughout the day. And one that is developed for big breed dogs that cater to their distinct requirements. This is specifically crucial during puppyhood.

They will take in roughly three to 4 mugs of kibble a day, depending upon their age, dimension, and also energy degrees. This will certainly be extra if they are a functioning canine. They are both in danger of stomach torsion, likewise referred to as bloat, so do not feed them immediately prior to or after exercise.


Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd in the area The grooming demands of both dogs will rely on the kind of layer they carry.

The differences in between their grooming routines all depend on their layer type. The German Shepherd can have a much longer coat or a much shorter layer. Dutch Shepherds coincide. If they both have short hair, they both just call for cleaning as soon as a week.

If they have long hair, they both require brushing most days to keep matting away. For both of these coat kinds, we would certainly recommend investing in a de-shedding device as they are both hefty shedders come the dropping period.

The wire-coated Dutch Shepherd is the weird one out right here. His coat is short to medium in length, but it is rough to the touch. He often looks like a Poodle who remains in the hopeless requirement of a bridegroom!

He will require either a pin brush or a comb going through his coat two times a week. wire-coated Dutch Shepherds drops less than the various other layers, yet he’ll require a detailed clipping a couple of times a year.

When it concerns whatever else, such as dental brushing, ear cleaning, as well as nail clipping, they are both like every other dog. Once again, the only distinction below is the wire-coated Dutch. Since he struggles with angiodysplasia, he will certainly require his eyes cleaning up one or two times a week. This is to ensure that they are kept tidy and to prevent bacteria from accumulating.


Dutch and also German Puppies Outside. Expect to pay about the very same amount for every sort of Shepherd, relying on the breeder.
Rate is one more considerable factor to consider because, in America, a Dutch Shepherd young puppy is valued higher than a German Shepherd puppy.

This is just because he is much rarer and also more difficult to obtain. The German Shepherd is the 2nd most popular dog in America, so there are lots of reliable dog breeders offered. Yet you can expect to take a trip and be placed onto a waiting list when it concerns the Dutch Shepherd pup.

They are both in danger of being targeted by young puppy mills and backstreet breeders. Make certain to work with a respectable dog breeder. Ask to see their health clearances (especially their hip ratings) as well as always fulfill the young puppies and also their moms and dads in person. A credible breeder will not push you into passing cash over till you are happy, yet a backstreet breeder will.

Last Thoughts

The Dutch Shepherd and also the German Shepherd are very comparable, but there are many more differences than satisfies the eye. The German Shepherd is much more people-oriented, and also although this makes him an extra intense doggy, he is less complicated to educate. The Dutch Shepherd is much more independent and also more work-oriented, meaning he is a better fit for a seasoned pet dog proprietor.

The Dutch Shepherd is much more pricey to acquire because he is much rarer, however, he is also much healthier than the German Shepherd breed. Their grooming schedules are reasonably equivalent, relying on what type of coat you select for either. The German Shepherd is the extra protective puppy out of both, yet they both make excellent guard dogs.

Whoever you decide to choose, ensure that you can tick their boxes, otherwise, they can both be troublesome. Yet if you can understand that you are in for years of fun, love, and also commitment.

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