German Shepherd Dachshund Mix: GSD Breed Information

The German Guard Dachshund Mix pooch, additionally called the Dachshund Guard, is a rather surprising designer dog, yet one that works apparently well.

His German parents are extremely various in terms of both personality and appearance, trainability, and also energy, however, it is their distinctions that blend together to develop a well-balanced dog that is matched to several family members.

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His size is a one-of-a-kind mix of two breeds, with the Dachshund being the smaller variety as well as the GSD being a tool to large-sized breed. Usually, this mix will certainly fall someplace in the middle when it comes to size, character, and also activity level. As constantly, any kind of mixed breed can have propensities that lean even more towards one mom and dad breed than the various other.

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

Whilst he is matched to numerous, prior to you invite one of these curious crosses right into your life you require to see to it that he is the one for you, which is why we have actually created our extensive to offer you the reduced down on this lovely German Shepherd Dachshund Mix.

Parent Breeds

The Dachshund Shepherd is a brand-new canine mixture, and thus they can be extremely variable in terms of looks and also personality, even within the same litter, so it is really crucial to learn about both of his moms and dads since you might discover your puppy is an equal split or more like one than the other.

German Shepherd

This person is most identifiable for working together with the army and also law enforcement agencies across the globe, as well as it is his work that has provided him his awesome track record.

Nevertheless, for those that recognize this pooch, understand that he is a pleasant young boy in mind and enjoys to retire back to the warmth of his family home after a long day at work.

The German Shepherd Dachshund Mix is a popular pet in America, and also in 2019 the American Kennel Club (AKC) has actually rated him as the 2nd most prominent pet dog breed out of 191 breeds, and also he is well-loved for a whole lot of factors.

He is called positive, bold, and also clever, as well as he is among the most loyal and trainable dogs on the planet. The GSD is a prominent combine with other smaller sized breeds, like the beagle guard mix, or the Shollie.


Despite his reputation for being a well-deserved spoilt lapdog, this little lengthy guy is a well-achieved hunting dog. His name converts to a badger pet dog, and also with his steadfast character, high victim drive, long body, and also huge paddle paws he is excellent at what he does.

Although he is now extra frequently discovered on the lap of his master, he has actually kept his searching impulse and also will chase after pets through the park if he catches an aroma.

The Dachshund is additionally a preferred household pet, and he currently rates as the 12th most popular breed in America. He is described as friendly, curious, and spunky, and also regardless of his low stature he has a strong and vivacious individuality that has won hearts throughout the world. He is audacious as well as knows what he desires, and also his master absolutely knows it also!

Often described as the king of the canine globe, he has actually held the document for the earliest canine two times, with one getting to the grand aging of 21 and one more 20.

While the Dachshund Shepherd is newer as well as a one-of-a-kind mix, there is another prominent Dachshund mix already available, which include the Chiweenie or the Dachsador.

The Dachshund Shepherd

Whilst his parents are two of the most identifiable German types, it is thought that the beginnings of the Dachshund Shepherd mix hinge on America, similar to most newer designer pets. Considered that he is so brand-new, it is essential to expect a combination of any kind of features from either parent.


This blended pooch is likely to be extremely devoted, with an adoration for this master. Whilst this sociability will certainly reach his entire household, he will certainly have a soft spot for the one that he considers to be his major caretaker.

With this features the tendency to end up being overprotective, as well as he might snap as well as nip to stop individuals coming to near to his master, so for this reason he needs to be socialized from an early age to avoid this.

It is likely that he will be really friendly, yet he may be unresponsive with strangers at first, however, thanks to his German Shepherd Dachshund Mix personality he will certainly warm up to them after a while.

The German Shepherd Dachshund Mix will teem with spunky power and also will keep you entertained for hrs at a time. He will certainly have a great deal of pent up energy that he will need to get rid of, or else he will become fairly harmful and damage everything in his path,

so make sure to give him with his suggested workout and invest as much time as you can with him, due to the fact that he does not like to be laid off for also long.

He makes a remarkable family animal for most, but being rather extreme he is not fit to all as he needs a lot of physical as well as mental stimulation to keep him healthy and balanced.

Size & Appearance

This man will differ quite hugely in look, and also he will certainly evaluate anywhere between 20 to 60 extra pounds in weight, and he will certainly measure anywhere between 10 to 20 inches.

His dimension will certainly additionally depend on whether his Dachshund moms and dad is the mini or basic size, so be sure to ask your breeder which dimension his moms and dads are.

He may or might not inherit the shorter legs and ended up feet of the Dachshund, however, he will definitely not be as tall as the German Shepherd. He will inherit big triangle ears of both parents, nonetheless, it is not known if they will be saggy or erect, or maybe among each!

He will certainly have big dark round eyes as well as a square fleshy nose, and on the whole, he is a very handsome looking chap, albeit a curious one that have passersby asking you what he is.

Coat & Colors

This is entirely based on his moms and dads, as the German Shepherd Dachshund Mix has three sorts of layer, smooth, wirehaired as well as longhaired, and also the German Shepherd has two types of layer, a medium as well as a long-haired layer, so this uses a wide and also distinct collection of shades and also textures to choose from.

Whichever coat he acquires, he will have a dual-layer that will certainly shed reasonably throughout the year, as well as heavily during shedding periods, so if you aren’t a fan of canine hair on your garments or furniture then this mix could not be for you.

Both of his moms and dads have a lengthy checklist of colors to choose from, yet their most usual colors are dark browns, blue coats, and also black layers, with the regular German Shepherd dark facial mask.

There is likewise the chance of acquiring various other shades such as strong white, blue, red, and even merle, as well as his patterns, are sporadic with brindle or piebald, yet the more one-of-a-kind his colorings are the more you can expect to spend for him as this eccentric look is presently in vogue.

Exercise & Living Conditions

It is most likely that the Dachshund Shepherd will need to be worked out in between 30 and 60 minutes each day, based on his size and also energy levels, yet you will certainly quickly have the ability to inform.

if he has actually had sufficient walkies since he will certainly cut short in his tracks and also anticipate you to carry him thanks to his Dachshunds indulged genes. Nonetheless much you exercise him, he will certainly still require to be emotionally stimulated throughout the day due to his knowledge and also interest, so expect to pay a lot of interactive video games with him.

Again, his living problems are completely depending on his parents’ size, since if he is a little pooch he can conveniently adapt to home, equally as long as his exercise needs were satisfied. If, nonetheless, he locates himself on the bigger side, after that he would certainly be a better fit to a home with access to a backyard.

If he is socialized well then he might be able to live with various other home animals, nevertheless, make certain to present him to them slowly and also in a controlled environment, as his ancestors searching genes may enter play. He must succeed with children, but once more, be sure to monitor him just as you would with any kind of dog.


It is likely that the German Shepherd Dachshund Mix will certainly be really trainable thanks to his German Shepherd moms and dad’s trainability, although you may discover he has an ‘off-day’

where he would rather be sprawled throughout the sofa doing definitely nothing no matter just how much you attract him to take part in a training session. With plenty of favorable reward-based training in the form of verbal appreciation and also deals with, he should succeed.

Whichever parent he takes after even more, you need to begin his training sessions as soon as you invite him residence and prevent any kind of over-protective characteristics that he could show.

It is likewise vital to mingle him early from a young age with as numerous human beings as well as other pets as possible to ensure that he does not really feel the requirement to shield his family.

He will certainly also inherit a high target drive, so you shouldn’t allow this little guy off-leash in a public place, since you could not obtain him back!


The German Shepherd Dachshund Mix is a relatively healthy and balanced dog who will certainly live between 7 and 14 years, or maybe a bit longer if he is related to the earliest Dachshunds on record.

The complying with health and wellness concerns are the major issues that your blended puppy might face, however, bear in mind that this is not exhaustive so be sure to keep up with his regular Veterinary checks:

Hip and also Elbow Dysplasia– the German Shepherd moms and dad is at high risk of this, and it is triggered by an abnormal formation of the hip as well as joint joints, which lead to the grinding of the bones as well as cartilage material,

which will at some point cause unpleasant joint inflammation and also mobility problems. Along with this, Luxating Patella, which is basically a dislocated kneecap, likewise influences the Dachshund parent, so this is one more flexibility concern to be aware of.

Intervertebral Disc Disease– this affects short and long canines like the Dachshund, as well as it is brought on by the eruption of the cushioning discs in the spine, which can bring about severe pain and paralysis. If he takes on the longer body shape of the Dachshund, then he is most likely to experience this.

Eye conditions– both of his parents are at risk of suffering from a range of eye problems such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy as well as Cataracts, and all reliable dog breeders need to screen his parents for these.

Mitral Valve Disease– this is where his heart valves compromise and also blood recedes into the atrium, as well as this can at some point cause heart failure. This is a lot more usual in Dachshunds, yet it can be recognized early by Veterinarians, so it is very important to stay on top of his regular checks.


The German Shepherd Dachshund Mix will consume anywhere between 1 1/2 as well as 2 1/2 mugs of food every day, but naturally, this will be completely depending on his weight as well as power levels,

so it is suggested to comply with the food directions or talk with your Veterinarian for customized advice. He would do well on a premium kibble, with plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins, and also minerals to fulfill his needs.

It is important, provided his perspective flexibility and also spine health issues, that you maintain a healthy weight for your Dachshund Shepherd, other sensible his health and wellness could decline a whole lot faster than it would at a typical weight. Whilst he could thank you for those added deals with, his body won’t so make sure not to overdo it.


Again, this will certainly depend upon his coat kind, and also if he has a brief and also shiny coat then little grooming will be called for, yet if he has a lengthy and wiry layer then he will certainly require grooming every day to make certain that his layer does not become matted.

Due to the fact that he has a dual-layer, he will need to be cleaned virtually daily during the losing season whatever his coat type.

Dental cleaning will be needed, especially if he has a smaller mouth comparable to the Dachshund, as he will certainly be more vulnerable to periodontal conditions, and if he has drop-down ears after that regular ear cleaning will certainly also be called for to maintain microorganisms and infections away.


It is unclear as to how much these people set you back specifically as he is a reasonably new and rare blended pooch, yet it is estimated that he will set you back in between $400 as well as $900.

Naturally, the mother will be the German Shepherd as well as the Dachshund will be the father, as it would be unsafe for the Dachshund to bring a young puppy of a much bigger dimension.

As Family Pets

  • The Dachshund Shepherd adores their family members and maybe booked with unfamiliar people.
  • He will certainly still such as to lay on your lap in the afternoon, yet he is not a regular lapdog.
  • This breed is normally energetic as well as requires at least 30 to 60 minutes of workout daily.
  • The Dachshund Shepherd needs to be around individuals, as well as should not be laid off for extended periods.
  • This type can become protective, so very early socializing is key.
  • Dependent on his coat he will require either marginal grooming or day-to-day cleaning.
  • The Dachshund Shepherd’s food consumption requires to be monitored (they are prone to eating way too much).
  • He is suited to families with more youthful children with supervision, and potentially various other home family pets.
  • He needs to be promoted with interactive games, training sessions, and brain video games.

Finding a Breeder

Begin your search online as well as talk to breeders that breed only German Shepherds and Dachshunds, however being a rarer pup you need to be prepared to travel much better for him contrasted to a basic German Shepherd or Dachshund. When you find a breeder or several, satisfy them personally and also ask to see their pups and the moms and dads, and get a feel for them.

Avoid puppy mills as well as unreputable dog breeders because they do not have the dog’s best interests in mind, and this is particularly essential for an uncommon mixed breed with completely various moms and dads. Backyard breeders are ending up being more and more widespread, so it’s important to ensure you reduce the threats when adopting a pup.

Rescues & Shelters

Locating a Dachshund Shepherd in a rescue shelter is most likely to be challenging, merely since he is extremely uncommon, however, because many people purchase one of these guys really hoping that they are most likely to a typical lapdog who does not need much exercise or training they become overwhelmed, and therefore there are still a few of these curious dogs dotted around the place.

See your regional rescue facilities as well as talk with the team, and also make certain to look into dedicated type sanctuaries that can be discovered on the German Shepherd Rescue Association site, and the Dachshund Rescue web site. Whilst it might take much longer, it will be worth it when you locate him!

Final Thoughts

Whilst he could be one of the least expected blends, he would certainly be excellent for a family that can invest a lot of their day with him as well as exercises him sufficiently.

In return, they would get a devoted, caring, safety, and well-balanced German Shepherd Dachshund Mix, and also one that is not as stubborn as well as tiny as the Dachshund, as well as one who is not as large or extreme as the German Shepherd. As long as you train him as well as socialize him well, he is a fascinating pooch that is really special!

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