My “Purebred” German Shepherd Puppies with Blue Eyes!

You’ve simply seen that your expected “pure-blooded” German Shepherd has eye colors that are not unique to its breed. They’re blue! Oh, the humanity! Fret not, this article must lose a little bit extra light on this unusual event, why it occurs as well as how it impacts you.

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Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes?

German Shepherd Puppies with Blue EyesIt is very unusual, yet as a result of a genetic variation, yes, adult German Shepherd Canines can indeed have blue eyes. The large bulk of grown-up German Shepherds have a brownish eye color. Combined pet dogs may have blue eyes also.

Although many breeders think about the trait as a mistake, lots of pet dog proprietors locate the attribute as an eye-catching high quality.

This blue-eyed characteristic happens in a variant of the breed called “blue German Guards.”

What are normal purebred German Shepherd eye colors?

Various shades of brown, eco-friendly, hazel … as well as blue is regular eye shades.

If you’ve been looking at the web asking yourself, “what color eyes do German Guards have?” a great guideline to remember is that the most usual eye color for German Shepherds is brown. Yet eco-friendly, gray as well as hazel-colored eyes are likewise regular.

Extra significantly, although blue eyes are rare, depending upon the conditions, they can occur naturally in German Shepherds. The recessive genetics or an anomaly therein is typically the primary factor as to why from time to time, a black German Shepherd with blue eyes appears of a German Shepherd litter of mainly brown-eyed spawn.

If you still remember your biology class back in secondary school with your teacher endlessly droning on regarding Gregor Mendel as well as his gene function, then fretting about your black German Shepherd with blue eyes is a book instance of this application. It’s likewise the reason that we obtain an albino genetic anomaly and a listing of uncommon physical attributes from time to time.

German Shepherd eyeshade changes happen a lot similarly that eye color adjustments take place in regular canines. A recent research study has actually shown that the amino acid melanin is primarily in charge of lighter or darker tones of eye colors in pet dogs. Melanin additionally figures out coat color. Extra on this later.

Is my German Shepherd still a purebred if it has blue eyes?

Yes, but not always.

To understand why blue-eyed purebred German Guards are such a controversial subject, it pays to recognize why full-blooded canines are so highly valued. See, a dog is defined as “purebred” if it is deemed by kennel clubs as

  • a pure pedigree,
  • registered in a studbook, as well as
  • a successor to a line of pure-blooded dog origins.

While the moral and also ethical effects of breeding “purebred” pets are one more highly dissentious subject per se, for all intents as well as functions, having pure-blooded pets suggests sustaining higher costs as well as greater maintenance prices.

However, this also means that the prospective to fake reproducing purebred pet dogs (via “puppy mills”) runs high; why spend a lot of effort on careful breeding, when you can obtain 2 pets of different breeds that look similar and also still bill top dollar for your work?

A usual crossbreed is a German Shepherd-Husky mix (the Gerberian Shepsky!). Continuing on this line of reasoning, blue eyes are a typical trait integral to the Siberian Husky breed and maybe an indicator that your German Guard is not purebred.

Pure-blooded pets are usually connected with adhering to attributes:

  • Well-socialized
  • Prone to endure genetically-acquired conditions
  • Normally the only sort of dogs recognized and supported by kennel clubs

While mixed-breed pet dogs are known to exhibit the following:

  • Prone to experience fear-based habits issues
  • Have a greater threat of having a contagious illness
  • Generally approved as being much hardier than purebreds

It is very important to keep in mind, however, that white German guard (likewise known as White Shepherds) are recognized as their very own type, and must not be confused with mixed-breeds or a spin-off genetic mutation.

If you discover the cause for an issue regarding your white German Shepherd with blue eyes (or any kind of type of pet dog with uncommonly colored eyes for that issue), do some study, reach out to your neighborhood veterinarian, and also ask about genetic screening for your pet.

Is it typical for German Shepherd eyes to alter shade with time?


Melanin as a contributing variable to German Guard eyeshade modification was a truth discussed previously. This occurs due to the fact that melanin requires time to create. Since this holds true, it is not uncommon for a baby German Shepherd with blue eyes to have its eye color change throughout a few months. On the very same note, it is typical to discover young puppies with blue eyes no matter type because of this lack of melanin.

On top of that, it ought to additionally be noted that eye conditions may result in eye color adjustments for your German Shepherd. For example, cataracts might create an obscured vision as well as clouding in corneas, which can be misinterpreted for a milklike “blue” eyeshade.

Other eye problems like entropion (an excruciating disorder that takes place when a dog’s eyelids fold inward) can harm your pet dog’s eyes by scratching the surface of the cornea which may lead to eye staining.


Sign in with your veterinarian if you are not sure regarding your GSD’s eyes.

Normally, a pet dog’s eye color will maintain when they are 2 months old. So if you still find yourself asking the concern, “do German Shepherds have blue eyes?” and have a German Shepherd that’s older than 2 months, then technically the response is true.

Unless you plan on entering your blue-eyed German Shepherd into an American Kennel Club competitor, you truly should not stress out excessively over it. All the more so if your German Shepherd is a pup! Most of the time, there are lots of conditions that make up German Shepherd eyeshade modifications or blue eyes beyond type.

On the disadvantage, this may suggest that there is a small chance your German Shepherd is experiencing some type of degenerative eye condition or problem. Yet in any case, with the advent of modern-day technology, it must be much easier than ever to ask about your German Guard with blue eyes, including asking for gene examinations.

So don’t mind what other snobby, pure-blooded proprietors have to say concerning your dog, and also take satisfaction in recognizing that your German Guard has some definitely fantastic, blue eyes (for the time being) that many various other canine owners would certainly covet!

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